The Doctor/Lawyer Team

Malpractice: Doctor/Lawyer Team

A premier medical malpractice law firm, the Doctor Lawyer Team is respected throughout the nation for its experience and success in medical malpractice claims. Our doctor/lawyer team is uniquely qualified to ensure you and your family members are getting the best care and course of treatment, while simultaneously aggressively pursuing justice in the court of law.

While not every bad medical outcome is caused by malpractice; the Doctor Lawyer Team has the experience, personnel, and resources to identify those that are. Once a suit is instituted, we have a team of experienced, professional trial lawyers capable of proving your claim and maximizing results for you and your loved ones.

The Doctor/Lawyer Team

Malpractice Investigation

Dr. Michael Giordano is a licensed neurosurgeon and attorney and serves as our in-house lead investigator. Dr. Giordano has more than 35 years of medical and legal experience. During this time he has personally led complex brain and spinal cord injuries; reviewed more than 25,000 hospital records; deposed scores of doctors; and been an invaluable team member for numerous multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts. Assisted by top medical malpractice paralegals, an extensive medical library, online support, and unique in-house databases of nationally known medical consultants, the team is fully equipped to review and investigate even the most complex medical cases. In addition, Dr. Giordano has hundreds of personal relationships with top medical providers around the country in every imaginable field of medical specialization.

The Doctor/Lawyer Team

The Doctor/Lawyer Team

Preparation, Trial & Experience

Preparation: When medical malpractice is suspected, our experienced trial team jumps in to aggressively begin the pursuit of justice. Proper preparation of these types of cases is paramount. Malpractice cases are so complex that they require experts in law and medicine to properly pursue and achieve justice. personnel to remain current on developments in both law and medicine.

Trial: In light of the possibility that a favorable settlement cannot be reached, each case is fully prepared for trial from the very beginning. A hallmark of the DoctorLawyerTeam is that we are not afraid to pursue justice at trial. This leads to better settlements and ensures that if a full and fair settlement cannot be reached we will turn to the courts for justice.

Experience: Our doctor/lawyer team sets us apart when representing seriously injured patients from medical malpractice cases, including claims involving surgical errors, cancer misdiagnoses, and birth injuries and the like.

If you or a family member were seriously harmed by a doctor's mistake or by the negligence of a hospital or other health care provider, please contact our law firm to arrange a free case evaluation.

Important components of every case:

  • We never charge attorneys’ fees unless we recover payment for you.
  • We will advance all necessary costs of pursuing your claim, if necessary.
  • We provide frequent status updates and keep you involved in every step of the process.

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Attorneys Paul McConnell and Michael Giordanno: Licensed in Connecticut.

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